One Health Summit 2023

One Health Summit 2023

One Health Summit 2023 768 432 Weber

Bamberg Health organizes this One Health Summit in Brussels. The interconnection between environment, energy, animal health, public health, epidemiology, vaccination, agriculture, fisheries, livestock production, and food safety is crucial to understanding the concept of “One Health” and “Global Health.

The Summit is structured in five thematic blocks:
• One Health & Global Health
• Environmental Health and Sustainability
• The Importance of Animal Health
• Epidemiology, Vaccination and World Health
• Agriculture, Food Production and Human Health

These sessions will cover the social determinants of health that condition and influence health, the demographic challenge posed by migration and transit between countries for trade, business, tourism, and other reasons, as well as global vaccination needs. Accordingly, we will discuss the issues of bacterial multi-resistance to antibiotics as well as how to combat viruses. Finally, we will discuss nutrition and how it can be beneficial or detrimental to human health.

To respond to all this, we will bring together, in this One Health Summit, policy makers, public officials responsible for European and global Health, both human and animal, together with those responsible for Agriculture and Livestock, Environment and Energy from Global, European and National institutions.