Press & Publishing

Research works, carried out with rigor and good methodology, usually culminate in a publication (Monograph), which helps to disseminate results. In addition, publications, in Book format, are the best way to approach health-related problems, either in a specific therapeutic area, or in economic evaluation in general, or in broader issues such as issues methodological applied to health sciences.

Following the trends, but especially the new needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, Weber has incorporated the development of Digital Books into its services, which, taking advantage of the great potential of ICTs, offer interactive and dynamic content.

Weber supports Fundación Weber in the creation of the contents of the NewsRARE magazine, both in the in-depth article, as well as in the NewsRARE Barometer and the Observatorio.

In addition, Weber members collaborate in numerous external Publications / Collaborations (hyperlink to the corresponding PUBLICATIONS section), of great national and international prestige, thus supporting the generation of knowledge and value.

Without any doubt, one of the jobs with the greatest added value for Weber customers is the production of scientific articles. Weber has more than 100 articles published in high impact factor journals, both nationally and internationally. In the Publications section, you can consult our experience, both by therapeutic areas, as by type of analysis, etc.