In 2017, Weber, Economía y Salud created Fundación Weber, in order to stimulate economic research in health and promote projects that contribute to the sustainability of Sistema Nacional de Salud and improve the quality of life of the patiens. Fundación Weber is the evolution of Instituto Max Weber, which since 2005 has been developing projects of these characteristics, and also the consolidation of its work in health matters with a more appropriate legal personality for the purposes it pursues. With the creation of Fundación Weber, Weber is known as a reference company for research, consulting and training in the field of Health Economics, Patient Reported outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics. In January 2023, Weber joined the Vivactis group, which has a presence in more than 20 countries. This move was made in order to scale their services at a European level and to offer global Market Access and HEOR solutions, among other things]

Stimulate economic research in health and increase the quality of the Spanish health system.

How can we do that?

  • Promoting the efficiency of the health system and the improvement of decision-making in the evaluation of health technologies and pharmaceutical policies.
  • Promoting institutional cooperation between the different agents of the health system, share the knowledge for the benefit of all citizens. 

Be a promoter of training and knowledge on economic aspects which affect health & healthcare.

Facilitate and promote economic research in the health and pharmaceutical sector in order to improve health and social well-being.

Estimulate the use of economic analysis tools in order to support debates and decisions on health policies.

Facilitate the development of competition policies, key to improving access to medical technology and innovation in the health sector.

Quality: We understand that the only way to achieve Fundación Weber objectives is to develop quality projects with great scientific rigor.

Sustainability: We seek the optimization of results through a balance between economic resources and future viability.

Transparency: Success is based on a relationship of trust and transparency with our collaborators.

Training: Develop and carry out training programs related to the foundational purposes and related to health and its improvement.

Research: Carry out research on health economics, efficiency of health systems, burden of disease, quality of life of patients and other topics focused in improving the health of the population.
Develop projects in collaboration with healthcare and patient organizations to help achieve their respective goals.

Carry out Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies studies that contribute to the efficient administration and rational use of medicine and other health technologies.

Dissemination: Carry out complementary activities such as publications, conferences and debates in Health Economics.