One of the main targets of Fundación Weber is to stimulate health research in Spain, focusing on the social perspective. For this reason, Fundación Weber promotes its own R&D projects, which are according to its values.

Currently, it is worth mentioning the Social Return on Investment projects, which are done in collaboration with patient associations, and which seek to value the intangible aspects of living with certain pathologies, with the purpose of helping to improve the current approach to them. A better understanding of these aspects is required to ensure optimal and more efficient decision-making.

In other hand, Fundación Weber promotes initiatives, which consist in a dynamic work with multidisciplinary groups of experts, in order to approach complex issues of health management and pharmaceutical policy and offer a consensus document with recommendations for the future. These projects are based on the Think Tank methodology, of important value for decision-making at the macro and meso levels.

For further information, please consult the reports published in the PUBLICATIONS tab and the activities described in the reports.